Baby koala

Cloth diapers

Baby Koala offers you a variety of diapers to choose from. Our diapers are made sawn with great care and a beautiful variety of prints prints and styles: pocket diapers, cover diapers, newborn diapers and all in one (AIO) diapers that suit boys and girls and can be used as swim diapers.

Pocket diapers

Pocket diapers are extremely comfortable for your baby. These diapers are made up of two parts- the outer part which is actually a waterproof shell with a pocket like inner side “stay dry” material. Together these two layers form a pocket, which is then stuffed with an absorbent insert.

AIO diapers

All in One diapers are the most easy to use diapers that will provide your baby with utmost convenience for the longest time. Our AIO diapers are sawn with an inner organic cotton and bamboo layer and all you have to do as fold the diaper to the size you need and use it.  This is the reason AIO diapers are the favorite choice of many parents.

New Born

These multiple use tiny cloth diapers are the best choice for your new born baby as they are user friendly and adapted to 2.5 -5 kg babies or specially light weight babies. These special cloth diapers are equipped with a wide pocket and can be stuffed wit an absorbent Baby Koala newborn doublers.

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