Our story

Baby Koala was conceived when our eldest daughter, Abigail, started kindergarten. We looked for a diaper that would be user-friendly, convenient, reliable, and capable of handling ‘the toughest job’ while being beautifully designed. We found many options, but none of them suited our high standards. So, we decided to make our brand! This was how our first series of cloth diapers was born.

Encouraged by the positive reactions and compliments our diapers received, as well as the rewarding sensation of creating them, it encouraged us to take the next step and create our own brand of cloth diapers. Our diapers are not only handmade in Israel but also make a fashion statement with cool and colorful patterns. In addition, they are made of breathable fibers, Velcro closures, and waterproof banding around the waist and legs. Most importantly they are easy to use and clean. In short, they are your best choice when it comes to a cloth diaper!