Myths concerning cloth diapers

If you’ve been considering using cloth diapers there are certain comments that might be tossed your way by people around you – “have you decided to go back in time?” or “why should anybody want to engage with these time consuming chores?”. Others might take is further by sharing “facts” they’ve heard about cloth diapers such as: “these diapers are utterly non-hygienic”, “using such diapers means dealing with baby poop all day long”.

We would like to dismiss these so-called facts and provide reassurance that this important decision you’ve taken is the right one.

Myth no. 1 : “Cloth diapers are non-hygienic”

This is one of the most common myths constantly repeated by many people. Yet the truth is that cloth diapers are just as hygienic as your baby’s clothes. The question is whether you follow the right laundry routine that suits these special diapers.

Read all about laundry routine in this special article on the topic.

Myth no. 2: “Have you decided to go back in time?”

No, you haven’t. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Modern cloth diapers do not resemble the ones used by your granny. Moreover, nowadays cloth diapers are manufactured using innovative technology and fibers which are adapted to the needs of the baby. Unlike disposable diapers cloth diapers are made of breathable materials. The range of diapers to choose from is wide, starting from pocket diapers in which a soaker is inserted, cover diapers where the dry-feel layer is attached on the soaker. There are flats which are similar to cloth diapers used in the past, fitteds, prefolds, All-In-One or All-In-Two. In conclusion, anyone can find a diaper to suit their needs and means.

Myth no. 3 – “It’s a lot of work”

It’s true that reusable cloth diapers do not suit those who hate dealing with laundry. Nonetheless, the fact is that it’s only about two additional machines a week! Taking this approach, helps you realise that cloth diapers worth the trouble of extra laundry.

Myth No. 4 : “It stinks”

Those who use reusable cloth diapers know that these diapers do not stink, especially the ones used by breast-fed babies. If your laundry routine is correct, the right amount of detergents are used and dirty diapers are placed in a ventilated place the bad odours are kept away. These are definitely not roses you need to handle but cloth diapers are preferable to the fragranced, disposable ones that cause baby rash on your baby’s skin.

Myth No 5: “It’s expensive”

If you were asked to count the money paid for your baby’s disposable diapers from birth to the time he became potty trained it would have summed up to $ 2,000!!! Check this amount and then think about all the things you could have done with it (instead of throwing it into the trash with your baby’s diapers, which is non-recyclable).

Now guess what will be the sum for the most expensive and luxurious 24 reusable cloth diapers. You will be surprised to learn that this time the sum is merely $70.

Please read, download and print our price chart so the next time someone tells you that cloth diapers are expensive you can face him with the facts and remind him at the same time the enormous amounts of money that are spent on disposable diapers.

Myth No. 6 : “It’s for tree huggers”

It is true that many of the people who choose to use cloth diapers are eco-friendly but many others choose to use them simply because they want to save money. Indeed, saving thousands of dollars with every child is the most reasonable thing to do, especially due to the high costs of living in the western world.
Moreover, many parents acknowledge the advantages of cloth diapers when their babies start suffering from baby rash and skin allergies inflicted by the chemicals used in these diapers.
Cloth diapers are made with light breathing fabrics and do not contain fragrance.

Myth No 7: “It leaks”

Cloth diapers do not leak more than disposable ones. If you don’t change a diaper every two or three hours or use enough soakers, your diaper is bound to leak. Therefore we recommend reading the article “Help! My diaper leaks”.

Myth No. 8 “Changing a diaper takes too long”

No it doesn’t! There’s practically no difference in the time needed to change a nappy, surely when it is a pocket/ cover diaper/AIO and scotch over snaps. The bottom line is changing a cloth diaper takes the same time as changing a disposable one.

Myth No. 9: “You need to handle with poop”

Well, we have news for you. As parents of babies or toddlers you are bound to handle baby poop, whether it’s in the toilet or when you need to wash or wipe it. Those who dislike handling poop can use special liners which are placed inside the diaper. The liner (made of bamboo) absorbs most of the poop is thrown to the bin leaving the diaper relatively clean. In addition, poop can be rinsed with a jet spray.

Myth No. 10 “The kindergarten caretakers will not approve this”

It’s all a matter of attitude and the way you present the subject to the staff. Throwing a disposable diaper to the bin seems much easier but it’s pretty much the same action with a cloth diapers. The difference is that this time the diaper is thrown into a wetbag until you take it and wash it at home.I advise you to watch the video dealing with the best way to prepare the kindergarten staff for the arrival of a new baby using cloth diapers.