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Baby Koala’s Reusable Diapers

Baby Koala’s Reusable Diapers are designed and sewn by hand here in Israel, from special, breathing fabrics, so that they’re waterproof yet breathing, and providing your baby with the freedom of growing up without chemicals.

Who are they suitable for?

A Baby Koala’s Reusable Diaper is fitted from birth (7.5 lb \ 3.5 kg) to potty (it can fit big babies and toddlers up to the age of 4 and even more). The Diaper has one size that can be easily readjusted with the aid of snaps, and changing the size is simple, easy and comfy.

How do I use a Baby Koala Cover Diaper?

Many parents choose the cover-and-stuff method of diaper changing due to numerous reasons:

  • significant saving of money
  • comfort and practicality

With Reusable Cover Diapers, all you need to do is change the internal stuffing once every two-three hours, and change the outer layer only if necessary. Many parents find this to be the cheapest and most comfortable method, for it allows using a single cover for over half a day. Each Baby Koala Cover Diaper comes with a prefold insert that is made of unbleached cotton and has 14 layers of fabric. It is super absorbent, fluffy and pleasant to touch, and dries quickly. If necessary, a microfiber insert can be folded into the prefold to enhance absorption. 

What is a Baby Koala Reusable Diaper made of?

A Baby Koala Reusable Cover Diaper is composed of two layers of PUL fabric, made with advanced technology that prevents leakage while letting your baby’s skin breath. If needed, the internal section can be wiped, freshened and reused if not dirty.

How Does a Reusable Diaper absorb?

 A Baby Koala Reusable Diaper comes with a reusable prefold insert that is composed of  14 layers of super-absorbent, soft and pleasant unbleached cotton. The insert is washed and dried easily. If necessary, additional microfiber inserts or other natural inserts can be added, for longer absorption periods (such as during the nighttime). If you want to go all the way, it is also recommended to buy our insert system for nighttime made of bamboo-hemp or bamboo and organic cotton.

Swimming Diapers

Every Baby Koala Reusable Diaper can also be used as a swimming diaper for baby swimming lessons or as the perfect beach diaper – all you need to do is to extract the insert before use, wash everything thoroughly afterwards and it’s ready to be used once again.

Fabric Quality

Here in Baby Koala we only use the fabrics of the highest quality, to provide you and your baby with the best of diapers. The external fabrics of Baby Koala Diapers are made in eco-friendly conditions and high quality in factories in the US, Europe and China that own either the OEKO-TEX® | STANDARD certificate or the CPSIA certificate. The fabrics will continue looking brand new, even after many uses.

Washing Instructions

After the use, it is essential to remove all solid substances with a bidet or water in high pressure from the duche. Store in a dry place. Do not soak the diaper in vinegar or similar solutions. Wash the diaper once every one to five days, depending on your laundry routine.

Washing Temperature

The diapers are to be washed in the temperature of not over 104°F / 40°C. Do not boil. Do not tumble. Prevent children from inserting the diaper and snaps into their mouths.