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A super fun and unique creative kit in which every drawing can become a movie. How does this magic happen? Draw the story on a paper roll, insert it into the wooden projector and present the movie to friends and family!

Ages 5-12

A new drawing experience for your kids – Both children and adults are used to drawing a singular scene (like a house and a family), but drawing an entire continuous story is a whole new creative experience. Think of how much creativity and imagination are activated to make up a story and draw it. That way, any child can express their own creativity through a special art creation.

An open and continuous artwork – draw something different each time, and then restock the paper in an office supply store (8 cm / 3” paper rolls). That way, the creative possibilities never end!

A perfect gift for 5-12 year old kids – Kipod believes that products that are designated for a larger age range can supply greater learning and enjoyment. With this drawing kit, you can create at any age over 5, and make drawings/movies with varying levels of complexity and thus preserve the challenge and joy of creation.


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