Economical Diapering Kit

Economical Diapering Kit


Do you want to start diapering with reusable cloth diapers but are still a bit afraid? We created a diapering kit just for you to try! A trial kit for cloth diapers may be but a sneak peek into the wonderful world of cloth diapers, but it’s definitely a great start.

What does Baby Koala’s perfect diapering kit contain?

  • 3 pocket diapers; each diaper arrives with two extra absorbent 8-layered bamboo terry inserts, one big and one small. Our diapers are suitable from birth to potty.
  • A medium wetbag; the perfect-sized laundry bag for travel, diapering bag or for hanging on your stroller. Inside the wetbag you can put dirty diapers, clothes or a swimming suit after visiting the pool. Our wetbags are made of two layers of anti-fragrance PUL fabric.


Four-pack Economical Diapering Kit to choose from:

Yati wetbag with three Classic Fit diapers in prints: The Rainbow Dragon, Ancient Monsters and Deep Space.

Yati wetbag with three Classic Fit diapers in prints: Unicorns, Orcas and Surfing Koalas.

Orca wetbag with three Classic Fit diapers in prints: Whales, Shells and Jellyfish.

Mammoth wetbag with three Classic Fit diapers in prints: Cherry Blossom, Shells and Rosy Alpacas.

What is your choice?





Nice to Meet You!

♥ Baby Koala’s cloth diapers were created especially for you! We’ve thought about every tiny detail for maximal comfort for you and your baby, starting from your first days as parents.

♥ Baby Koala’s diapers fit from birth (2.8 kg / 6.2 lb) to potty. They grow along with your baby thanks to an adjustable snap layout.

♥ Our diapers were designed and planned by an Israeli mother, a diaperer just like you. They are sewn one by one, handmade with lots of love. 

♥ When you purchase Baby Koala reusable diapers, you are saving yourselves a significant amount of money

♥ When choosing to diaper with Baby Koala, you are helping the environment by saving over a ton of nonperishable diaper waste that every baby produces.

what's the difference between slim and classic fit

Meet our two beloved diapers fits:

♥ The Classic Fit

♥ The Slim Fit

So what’s the difference between the two, and who would you know which one to choose?

Baby Koala’s Slim fit is narrower than the Classic fit around the thigh area. 

The Slim fit suits every body type – whether it’s for longer and more slender babies or for those with fuller bodies. It fits both newborns and potty training toddlers wonderfully. 

If you’re used to disposable diapers and are moving to cloth diapering, this is the perfect fit for you.

You can stuff any insert you’d like into Slim fit diapers.

Baby Koala’s Classic fit is slightly wider than the Slim fit. It fits every body type fantastically, and a wide variety of inserts can be stuffed into it. It’s a perfect choice for diapering during the night or daycare time.

Our Classic fit is being successfully sold for the last five years, and it’s highly loved from birth to potty. 


How to differentiate between the Classic fit and the Slim fit?

Super easily:

The Classic fit has three columns of snaps, while the Slim fit only has two

How to Use Baby Koala Inserts?

Every Baby Koala diaper comes with 2 inserts composed of 8 layers of super thirsty bamboo-terry (overall 16 layers).

  • Small insert: for small (S) and medium (M) diapers, fits newborns of 2.8-6.5 kg (6.2-14.3 lb), and paired with a size S/M diaper. 
  • Folded Large Insert: A large insert folded at the front can be stuffed in medium (M) and large (L) diapers.
  • Large insert: for large (L) and extra-large (XL) diapers, fits babies of 6.5-16 kg (14.3-35.3 lb).

*We recommend combining the two inserts for maximal absorption, in younger ages as well if needed.

For more absorption solutions, click here.

התאמת גודל רפידה לגודל החיתול

How to Diaper Like a Pro?

  1. Lay your baby on their back in a safe place.
  2. Spread the diaper beneath them, closure straps at the level of their belly button. 
  3. Fasten the closure straps.
  4. Do not over-tighten – Keep a space of at least two fingers.
  5. Insert thigh elastic into crotch line. Tuck all excess fabric upwards.

Want to learn more about pro-diapering?
Visit our YouTube channel.

How to Rearrange the Diaper’s Interior

Readjusting the size? Great! 

How to Rearrange the Diaper’s Interior Quickly and Easily? 

After adjusting the diaper’s size (except size XL), there’s a crease of fabric that needs to be tucked into the pocket.

When adjusting the size, make sure that the rise’s excess fabric will be folded upwards (Rise Up). Correct arrangement of the diaper would prevent leakage, and ensure a perfect fit.

  1. Adjust the diaper’s size. Flip it so that its internal side is up. Hold the excess fabric.
  2. Lift open the pocket opening
  3. Insert the folded excess fabric into the pocket
  4. Tuck in completely
  5. Rise Up: Make sure that the exterior excess fabric of the rise is tucked upwards as well


Want to learn more? We’ve made you an explanatory video

Laundry and Storage 

מכונת כביסה מאויירת

Taking the diaper off, and now what? Great question


  •  Before the first use, wash both the diaper and the inserts in warm water (104°F / 40°C) at least once.
  • Use a washing powder that contains detergents and enzymes, for thorough cleansing.


What to do with a dirty diaper until the wash?

  • Store the dirty diapers in a ventilated place before laundry. 
  • But what about poopy diapers? If your baby is purely breastfed, there is no need to wash the feces off the diaper. If they’re fed with baby formula or solids, wash their feces into the toilet. We recommend using Baby Koala liners, which will be a great help with everything regarding poop cleanage.  
  • Do not store in a closed compartment. 
  • Do not soak in water, vinegar, etc.


Step by step diapers washing

  • After use, it is essential to remove solid substances (if left) with a bidet, a faucet, or high pressured water stream from the douche. 
  • Wash the diaper after each use, depending on your laundry routine.
  • Pre Wash: a short wash in cold water (86°F/30°C) and max speed, with 2oz/60ml of washing powder that contains enzymes (if the machine is full). This step is vital to properly remove the waste – do not skip it!
  • Main Wash: a long wash in 104°F/40°C max, with at least the full amount of detergent recommended for a heavily soiled load for your machine.
  • Do not wash with fabric softener, vinegar or similar solutions.
  • Do not boil.
  • Do not tumble dry the diaper. Line dry in shade. The inserts can be tumbled delicately in moderate heat.


A video explaining step-by-step diaper washing 


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