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Haakaa’s generation 3 breast pump – straight from New Zealand.
The company kept the same beloved and effective design, but now you can collect the milk right into a designated feeding bottle by Haakaa.

The set contains:

  • The perfect generation 3 Breast Pump – 160 ml/6 oz
  • 1 silicone anti-colic nipple – slow flow
  • 1 silicone flange
  • 1 clear silicone cap for hermetic closure of the bottle (and thus turning it into a milk storing compartment)
  • 1 connective nipple ring

This is the ideal beginner set!

The Haakaa gen 3 breast pump has a capacity of 160 ml/6 oz of milk. It is suitable for use with all new gen 3 accessories.
By a simple rotation of its top, the upgraded Haakaa gen 3 breast pump can be easily transformed into a feeding bottle with a slow flow anti-colic nipple, suitable for feeding your baby.

There is no need for additional instruments for transfer of milk.

Haakaa generation 3 breast pump fits itself to the different phases of you baby’s development, and become a unique feeding instrument through which you can offer you baby different food combinations.

Product qualities:

  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Quick suction straight into a feeding/storing compartment
  • No need for cables or batteries
  • Suitable for all gen 3 extra additions
  • Small, easy to transport and easy to use
  • Accommodates different breast sizes
  • Extra-large milk capacity – 160 ml
  • Safe for sterilization in microwaves, boiling water, or sterilization devices
  • Chemical free
  • PVC, BPA and phthalate free

Cleaning and Care

  • Cleanse the pump after each use
  • We recommend using a steam-based sterilator, or 2-3 minutes of boiling water
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use a UV ray-based sterilator. It may damage the product’s longevity



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