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LARGE WET BAG – Unicorns


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Get ready to fall in love with Baby Koala’s wetbag for carriage of diapers and cloths. A must have for outings and daycare. Instead of wrapping each dirty diaper with a polluting and nondegradable plastic bag, stuff the used diapers and wet cloths into the wetbag and zip it closed. The bag is leakproof and scent proof, and it is comfortable for carriage thanks to Baby Koala’s unique shoulder strap and stroller-attachable hand strap.

You can find plenty of space inside your Baby Koala wetbag thanks to its size, plus two zippered compartments to allow separating wet and dry diapers/cloths. The bag can contain about 6-8 diapers.

Baby Koala wetbag isn’t only suitable for parents who diaper with cloth, but also for anyone looking for ecological, economical and environmentally-friendly solutions for storing wet cloths after a visit to the beach or the swimming pool, or even as a bag for dirty daycare cloths.

Baby Koala’s wetbag is our own unique development, born out of a dire need of a proper solution for carrying dirty diapers while outdoors, on the road, or when picking the kids and diapers from the daycare.
Baby Koala’s wetbag has a hand strap to connect to the bag to your stroller with a snap, in addition to a shoulder strap for carrying it like a regular bag and freeing your hands (a vital thing for parents).

Baby Koala’s wetbag is composed of two layers of PUL fabric to optimally keep the unpleasant scents inside and make it perfectly scent-proof.

Bag size: 30×40 cm / 12”x16”

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