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How do I Choose a Size?

  • Size 1: waist: 40cm / 16”, hips: 48cm / 19”, thigh: 20 cm / 8”. Fits 1-4 month olds best.
  • Size 2: waist: 45cm / 18”, hips: 50cm / 20”, thigh: 28cm / 11”. Fits best for 4-6 month olds, up to the weight of 7/-8 kg / 15.5-18 lb (highly depends on the baby’s body type).
  • Size 4: waist: 48cm / 19”, hips: 53cm / 21”, thigh: 30cm / 12”.  Fits best for 6-12 month olds, over the weight of 9 kg / 20 lb (highly depends on the baby’s body type).
  • Size 6: waist: 50cm / 20”, hips: 63cm / 25”, thigh: 35cm / 14”. Fits best for babies and toddlers of over one year.

** The recommendations of weight and age are based on pure estimation and may vary depending on the baby. Therefore, we recommend measuring your baby beforehand for a more accurate purchase.

A Baby Koala Fleece Cover is the most perfect, vegan and worthwhile solution

  • It can be worn over the Reusable Diaper
  • If it did not absorb liquids until changed, it can be freshened and reused
  • If the cover did got absorbed in liquids, it can be washed in the machine at 30°C / 85°F
  • It is recommended that the first wash will be done with similar colors

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