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With this gorgeous print, your baby’s bum will look its cutest!

When designing our diapers, we only had you and your personal baby koala in mind. With our diapers, you can start diapering from day one, simply and easily. Thanks to our unique snap system, you can adjust the diaper into four different sizes. Our diapers fit from birth to potty.

Baby Koala diapers are sewn one-by-one, handmade with lots of love.


CHEMICAL-FREE WASHABLE CLOTH DIAPERS FOR YOUR BABY Baby Koala cloth pocket diapers keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy.
With this easy to use and incredibly convenient diaper, you get to protect your baby from unnatural and harmful chemicals used in disposable diapers while protecting the environment, one less disposable diaper at a time.
Our diaper is super comfortable and is leak-proof.


THE EARTH FRIENDLY OPTION FOR MODERN FAMILIES This natural cloth pocket diaper fits babies from newborn to potty. The large front opening allows quick insertion of the pads.
The diaper can be easily adjusted to your baby’s size, thank to the aid of our smart system of durable and powerful snaps, to create a comfortable and leak proof diaper of 4 different sizes. Additionally, our diapers have only a single row of snaps around the belly area, for quick and easy fastening.
Delicate rubber protects your baby in the thigh area. The wide rubber in the back area protects against “back poop”, otherwise known as “poonami”.


MADE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE FABRICS – The internal section that touches your baby’s skin is made of a dry-fit, breathable, light, and easy to clean fabric, which provides a hygienic, stay-dry feeling and is soft and pleasant for your baby. It repels stains, washes easily and dries quickly. The outer layer is made of PUL – water resistant, leak proof yet breathing fabric, made with advanced technology and under OEKO-TEX® 100 standards.
We in Baby Koala do our best to bring you only the finest of fabrics, so that the diapers will continue working perfectly while looking brand new, even after many uses and years.


EASY TO WASH CLOTH DIAPERS   All fabrics used in Baby Koala diapers are very easy to clean and are 100% machine friendly. Thanks to the light and advanced fabrics, the diapers are very quick to dry and will be ready to be used once again after just a couple of hours.
Additionally, our inserts can also be tumbled in the machine.

SWIMMING DIAPER – Every Baby Koala Reusable Diaper can also be used as a swimming diaper for baby swimming lessons or as the perfect beach diaper – all you need to do is to extract the insert before use, wash everything thoroughly afterwards and it’s ready to be used once again.


MAXIMUM ABSORPTION – Baby Koala diapers comes with 2 reusable inserts that are composed of 4 layers of super-absorbent and thirsty microfiber: A small insert for newborns and a large insert for toddlers (it is recommended to combine the two).
All fabrics certified CPSIA and OEKO-TEX® 100.
BUY YOURS TODAY and stay natural.


How to use a Baby Koala diaper?

Adjust the rise to the size of your baby, and stuff the inserts into the diaper’s pocket. Stuff in a small insert for newborns, and a small + large insert for babies and toddlers. Add in additional inserts for extra boost if necessary.
Diaper your baby:

  • Lay your baby on their back in a safe place.
  • Spread the diaper underneath them so that the closure straps are about the height of their bellybutton.
  • Fasten the closure straps – first the external snap, and then the internal one.
  • Keep a space of at least two fingers between the diaper and the baby’s skin, so that they could move freely. Do not tighten too much – over-tightening may cause leakage.
  • The rubber around the thigh area should be inserted into the crotch line. Make sure it’s not too tight and that it doesn’t form strong marks on the skin.


Laundry and storage

  • Preparation: before the first use, wash both the diaper and the inserts in warm water (104°F / 40°C) at least once.
    Use a washing powder that contains safe detergents. 
  • Storing dirty diapers: store the diapers in a ventilated space between laundries.
    Do not store in a close compartment.
    Do not soak in water, vinegar, etc.
  • Washing instructions: after the use, it is essential to remove all solid substances with a bidet, a faucet, or high pressured water from the douche.
    Store in a dry place.
    Do not wash with vinegar or similar solutions.
    Wash the diaper once every one to five days, depending on your laundry routine.
    Do not boil.
    Do not tumble dry the diaper. The inserts can be tumbled delicately in moderate heat.

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