Shadow Puppets Game


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A fun and magical game for the entire family! Unique felt bracelets for joyful shadow theatre experience.

Inside the kit are six different high quality felt bracelets. Combine your hands and fingers, and create funny silhouettes of turtles, bunnies, giraffes, hedgehogs, deer, and snails.

The felt bracelets enables fun and easy silhouette making

Can be easily adjusted to the wrists of children and adults.

A fun dark theatre experience – Have fun before bed during Storytime, family quality time, and while playing pretend alone or with friends.

Ages 3-99

An open and continuous game for imagination and creativity development – with our shadow puppets, imagination sails away into hours of stories and shows, just put on the bracelet, make up a story and the wonders start.

Aids children handling fear of the dark


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