What is PUL fabric?

“PUL” stands for Polyurethane Laminate. PUL is a special, water-resistant fabric that is perfectly designed for the outer cover of a cloth diaper and ‘wet bags’ (cloth containers for dirty diapers).

Unlike a plastic bag, PUL fabric is breathable. They provide both coolness and moisture-wicking properties, making it more pleasant for your baby.

TPU and PUL Fabrics Are Eco-Friendly:

The process of manufacturing PUL fabric begins with an interlocking polyester which connects to a thin, malleable plastic called “TPU” — Polyurethane Thermoplastic. These separate parts become one unit through a combination of heat, compression, and adhesion.

In the past, processing adhesive-based materials were often harmful to the environment and the workers who prepared them. Today, the manufacturing process has evolved; it is relatively harmless and environmentally friendly.

The PUL fabrics we use for Baby Koala diapers are 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane.

The Advantages of PUL

The most important benefit of PUL fabric is being simultaneously waterproof and breathable. The fabric releases heat and water vapor. This keeps the baby comfortable.

With a fabric so soft and pleasant to the touch, we feel the cloth diaper we created is the perfect choice for your baby.