"Yuck! Do I Need to Handle Poop?"

If I had a dollar for every time people asked, “Yuck! Do I need to handle poop?” — I would be filthy rich! You see, I sew cloth diapers and understand people’s general disdain for this particular type of ‘discharge.’ I admit poop is not the highlight of my day. I would rather handle mucus, spit up, or banana stains.

Poop is Not Fun and Can Be Smelly
Poop is definitely not fun and dealing with it can be an unpleasant experience. It all depends on your baby’s age and stage. The first stage is ‘newborn poop.’ This occurs during the first few weeks following baby’s birth andresembles a sticky cream that has the color of mustard or turmeric. It is no fun to deal with such a mess! Especially if it leaks and stains a lovely new white outfit, leaving a permanent stain — at least until your Mom comes to help you with your laundry duties and takes care of it!The good newsis newborn poop does not need to be rinsed off and can be washed immediately.
In the second stage, baby begins eating solid foods and the poop takes on different odors and consistency.Sometimes it is hard to believe that all this smelly stuff is produced by one child — yes, one little baby can manufacture all of thisin a matter of seconds!
At the same time, the famous ‘teething poop’ makes its appearance. This type of poop is accompanied by a baby’s rush. Even though there are often no teeth visible, teething poop sounds like a reasonable diagnosis and soothesworried relatives.
Finally, ‘plop poop’arrives. This is moment you have been expecting. This kind of poop leaves no marks and can be easily cleaned.Long live the third stage!

Wait a minute!I started writing this because I wanted to tell you that poop should not scare you. Spreadable, mustard, solid, or teething poop — your child will make all of these, either in disposable or cloth diapers. This is a problem that needs to behandled no matter how you choose.Either way, you need to get rid of the smelly product that your sweet, charming babyhas manufactured.

What is the Difference Between a Soiled Cloth Diaper and a Soiled Disposable Diaper?
There is one main difference. With disposable diapers, all you need to do is fold up the nuisance and throw it in the garbage. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, have to undergo immediate rinsing with strong water pressure and aired out until it goes into the washing machine.However, there are diapers that don’t need to be rinsed, such as those that are urine-soaked or because the poopwas tossed directly into the toilet.
There IS another option which we have yet to address. And that iscloth diapers with 100% bamboo liners. The liner is a paper-thin, rectangular fabric made from bamboointended to collect your baby’s poop. The liner is placed on the inner part of the diaper — the area in contact with baby’s bottom. If the baby soils its diaper, the liner will absorb most of the mess.

So…The next time you meet a family that uses cloth diapers hold back your comment of,“Yuck! Do you need to handlepoop?” No, they do not wash poop. They wash diapers. The poop goes in the toilet.

“Aren’t you disgusted?” No, this is their child. Why should they be disgusted?

“It’s poop!” Yes, it is poop. Babie swill produce it whether it is in a disposable or cloth diaper. Except, with a cloth diaper, you will flush the poop down the toilet like that of any adult. The entire diaper does not have to go into the garbage and pollute the planet.Instead, you get tokeep your cute diapers that will continue to serve you again and again… and again!

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