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Welcome to the Baby Koala Family

Welcome to the Baby Koala Family!

There are many reasons you should replace your disposable diapers for our eco-friendly, colourful, and easy to use cloth diapers.If you care for the environment AND your baby, then a cloth diaper is the best solution for you and Mother Earth. Our eco-friendly alternative is easier than you ever expected!

Why Use Cloth Diapers?

• Good for the Baby and for the Planet – Cloth diapers are the best choice for your baby and our planet. Babies need to go through countless diaper changes before they are potty-trained. And the damage caused by the waste of disposable diapers and wet wipes is immense.
Saves Money – Choosing cloth diapers over disposable can save you up to $2,000 a year! We are sure you could think of a better use for the money you save.
A Fashion Statement– Our hand-made cloth diapers are beautifully designed with cool patterns and care for every detail.
They are Free of Chemicals– Disposable diapers contain copious amounts of chemicals dangerous to your child and the environment. Our cloth diapers carry none of these carcinogens, are user-friendly, and easy to wash and maintain.
No Diaper Rash – These diapers feel nice on your baby’s bottom and keep it rash-free. You won’t need ointments with these!