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Reusable Swimming Diaper – Yellow

Baby Koala’s new swimming diapers, the result of a year-long development process!nWith our new swimming diapers, you can let your baby play in the pool or even the sea without fearing leaks.nBaby Koala’s swimming diapers are made with strong and durable elastics, that will keep everything inside.nnBaby Koala’s pool diapers have two snaps on each side, for quick and easy undressing.nnHow to choose the right size for your baby?nSize 1: approx 4.5-6.5 kg / 10-14.5 lbnSize 2: approx 6.5-9 kg / 14.5-20 lbnSize 3: approx 9-12 kg / 20-26.5 lbnSize 4: approx 12-24 kg / 26.5-53 lbnSize 5: approx 24+ kg / 53+ lbnnFabric composition:nExternal fabric: PULnLining: COOLMAX

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